The 2017 Book Challenge

Over the past couple of years, I have lost touch with my bookshelf and have unfortunately been reading more for necessity than leisure (thanks to uni)! Due to this sad state of affairs, I have now decided to undertake a ‘Book Challenge’ but have made it a little more do-able for myself alongside uni by only having 12 books within the challenge! I, now challenge you! Good luck! 🙂

  1. A book that a family member has recommended (finally read that book your mum has been harping on about – but remember to tell her that it’s AMAZING, even if it wasn’t!)
  2. A book that has been made into a film (see the differences between a great book and an average film!)
  3. A book you received as a gift (keep the peace with that auntie you rarely see)
  4. A childhood favourite of yours (remember what it’s like staying up late to read with your torch!)
  5. A book you found in a second-hand bookshop (“The binding is fragile”)
  6. A book that’s set in a country you want to visit (it may not be quite the same, but it’s sooooo much cheaper!!)
  7. A book set during a war or conflict (keep yourself grounded and remember to be thankful for what you have) 
  8. Start a trilogy! (because one story just isn’t enough!) 
  9. A book that has only been released this year (I know it’s a bit early on in the year at the moment, but at least you don’t have too much option to pick from!!) 
  10. A book with an appealing front cover (it’s pretty so it must be a good read, right??)
  11. An autobiography (learn about someone else, you might be pleasantly surprised!) 
  12. Read your favourite book! (because it’s obviously your favourite for a reason! So what if you’ve read it a million times? Read it anyway!)

If you need any ideas then come back here to have a look because I’ll be posting a mini review everytime I read one!


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